Exclude posts from your Ghost frontpage

Today I tried to exclude posts tagged wod from my frontpage. The blogging software Ghost that I am using to run this blog recently released v0.4.2 which supports the new #has helper.

Unfortunately the new helper is not documented, so after reading some of the discussions on the pull requests and the issues I just tried to code the necessary part in my index.hbs file:


Now all posts tagged wod were excluded from the listing on my frontpage. :triumph: But when I clicked through the pagination, I noticed that instead of having 5 posts on all pages I got varying number of posts - the helper excluded the posts, but the pagination is not aware of this change in the list of posts to display. :neutral_face:

Maybe I didn’t get the `` helper right, or maybe there is a better method to exclude posts before they hit the frontpage at all.

Do you exclude posts from your frontpage using Ghost? If so, I’d be more than happy if you leave a comment.

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