Changes to the Crossfit Games

Over the last couple days there was a lot of noise on the internets about possible upcoming changes to the Crossfit Games season. It all started with an article on “The Morning Chalk Up” titled “How Greg Glassman is Reshaping the CrossFit Games”. Here’s the gist of the article:

“The plan is to restructure the company, de-emphasize the Games…
change the very structure of the Games to something that’s more
sustainable and fundamentally globalize the Games,”

Each country with a licensed affiliate will be crowning the title
of Fittest in country through the five-week long Open. The top male,
female and team will receive an invitation to the CrossFit Games.

CrossFit will now partner with outside events to host 16 CrossFit
sanctioned competition from November through June. The winners of
each will get an invitation to the CrossFit Games.

I encourage you to read the full article, because this is (at the moment) the only source for all of this. There are quite a lot of videos on youtube on this topic, but I’m on the same page as Jean Glaude:

(watch on youtube)

There is no official statement at the moment and it is all based on rumors.

Also, for the average crossfitter nothing will change anyway: you go to your box, you do your classes, you improve every day. The Crossfit Games have nothing to do with this. And if there are changes to the Crossfit Open, it will be like every year: You join or you don’t join, have fun doing a handful of workouts with other people in your box, and then you continue going to your classes. The Open always changes: different standards, different workouts, new scaled or Rx’d workouts, teen and masters workouts, new movements.

So, everyone relax, wait for official announcements and keep doing what you’re doing.