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Switching from ZNC to TheLounge

29 April 2019

I’m still using IRC (yes, I’m the one) and previously I installed Hexchat on all my machines and ZNC on my server to connect to my favorite networks and channels. But it’s not always possible to install an application nor run the portable app from my USB stick. I didn’t want to use a hosted service like irccloud neither, so I set out to find an alternative.

Luckily a user on mastodon called muesli pointed me to the project thelounge, which aims to provide an self-hostable application similar to irccloud.

Here’s a simple docker-compose.yml to start the application up:

version: '3'

    image: thelounge/thelounge:latest
      - "9000:9000"
    restart: always
      - thelounge:/var/opt/thelounge # bind lounge config from the host's file system


Personally I don’t use the exposed port, because I run everything behind a reverse proxy on my installation, but if you run this locally, you can now access thelounge at http://localhost:9000.