Neue Drohne: DJI Mavic Air

Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich meine DJI Phantom 3 durch ein neues, sehr viel kleineres Modell DJI Mavic Air ersetzt. Die Phantom 3 war mit dem eigenen Rucksack viel zu groß, so dass sie meistens zuhause im Schrank stand. Die Mavic Air dagegen passt wahrscheinlich in meine mittlere Fototasche oder im Urlaub einfach in den Rucksack.

Die Mavic Air habe ich bei ebay gekauft, von einer Privatperson. Seit langem die erste ebay Auktion, und bei weitem die teuerste Auktion. Aber es ging alles gut, der Versand war rasend schnell und im Karton war tatsächlich eine Drohne und kein Pflasterstein…😏

DJI Mavic Air DJI Mavic Air DJI Mavic Air

Und hier noch ein Größenvergleich zwischen der Phantom 3 (unten) und der Mavic Air (oben):

DJI Mavic Air

Bei den Größen dürfte klar sein, dass die kleine Umhängetasche sehr viel einfacher mitzunehmen ist, als der riesige Rucksack. Trotz der vielen Einschränkungen zum Flug werde ich mit der Mavic Air bestimmt mehr Aufnahmen machen. 🙂

Confirmed: Changes to the Crossfit Games

Ok, the cat is out of the bag: the CrossFit Games are changing:

CrossFit-sanctioned competitions are replacing CrossFit’s Regional events and will become a direct pathway for the top men, women and team competitors to receive invitations to compete at the CrossFit Games. The Dubai CrossFit Championship is the first sanctioned event to be announced. CrossFit anticipates that additional sanctioned events will be announced in the coming months.

This basically confirms half of the previous rumors, Regionals are no more. There is no word on the Open, or the time schedule for the Games qualification overall.

My points from the last article still stands: Nothing changes for 99% of the crossfitters out there. If you participated in the Open before, you probably will do so again - even if you’re not expecting to go to Regionals or the Games or any other competition. The Open basically is an event for the Boxes, now even more so than before.

If you’re a games athlete, it’s a completely different topic. I think Jacob Heppner talks about good points in one of his videos: Will there be an off-season for the athletes? Probably not when they really want to qualify and have to do multiple of the qualification competitions. And now it’s a competition where you have only one shot, just like Regionals - with the advantage that you can maybe qualify for multiple of them and not just one.

We’ll see how this will work out and how the athletes will spread out over the competitions. But for the average crossfitter, all of this doesn’t really change anything.

Changes to the Crossfit Games

Over the last couple days there was a lot of noise on the internets about possible upcoming changes to the Crossfit Games season. It all started with an article on “The Morning Chalk Up” titled “How Greg Glassman is Reshaping the CrossFit Games”. Here’s the gist of the article:

“The plan is to restructure the company, de-emphasize the Games… change the very structure of the Games to something that’s more sustainable and fundamentally globalize the Games,”

Each country with a licensed affiliate will be crowning the title of Fittest in country through the five-week long Open. The top male, female and team will receive an invitation to the CrossFit Games.

CrossFit will now partner with outside events to host 16 CrossFit sanctioned competition from November through June. The winners of each will get an invitation to the CrossFit Games.

I encourage you to read the full article, because this is (at the moment) the only source for all of this. There are quite a lot of videos on youtube on this topic, but I’m on the same page as Jean Glaude:

(watch on youtube)

There is no official statement at the moment and it is all based on rumors.

Also, for the average crossfitter nothing will change anyway: you go to your box, you do your classes, you improve every day. The Crossfit Games have nothing to do with this. And if there are changes to the Crossfit Open, it will be like every year: You join or you don’t join, have fun doing a handful of workouts with other people in your box, and then you continue going to your classes. The Open always changes: different standards, different workouts, new scaled or Rx’d workouts, teen and masters workouts, new movements.

So, everyone relax, wait for official announcements and keep doing what you’re doing.

No Man's Sky NEXT

Vor ein paar Tagen kam ein großes Update für heraus: “No Man’s Sky NEXT”. Ich habe seitdem ein paar Stunden im Creative Mode gespielt und anschliessend einen neuen Spielstand angefangen. Hauptsächlich war ich auf der Suche nach einem schönen Heimatplaneten und habe die ersten Tutorial Missionen für das neue Crafting und den Basisbau abgeschlossen. Allerdings habe ich auch schon ein neues Raumschiff gefunden, dass ich jetzt wieder zusammenflicken muss. Immerhin kann ich schon wieder starten und der Warp Antrieb ist auch repariert.

Hier kommen noch ein paar Bilder aus meinen letzten Sessions. Für solche Momente ist No Man’s Sky bekannt, das Netz ist voller abgedrehter Sci Fi Augenblicke.

Alleine auf einem Wüstenplaneten, einer der ersten Planeten, den ich in NEXT besucht habe…

No Man's Sky NEXT

Fast überall gibt es unterirdische Höhlen mit sonderbaren Pflanzen.

No Man's Sky NEXT No Man's Sky NEXT

Manche Planeten bestehen hauptsächlich aus Wasser. Vielleicht sollte ich mir die Koordinaten für einen ingame Urlaub merken.

No Man's Sky NEXT

Monumente gibt es weiterhin, aber wofür sie da sind, habe ich noch nicht rausgefunden. Ich will auch nicht zu viele Spoiler lesen, weil ich lieber selbst Dinge herausfinde.

Monument on an Ice Planet

Mittlerweile habe ich einen schönen Planeten für meine Basis gefunden. Ein bißchen störend sind allerdings die bis zu 100°C heißen Stürme, die manchmal aufkommen…

First base

Im Creative Mode hatte ich mir auch einen Frachter gekauft und habe damit die neuen Missionen für die angeheuerten Fregatten ausprobiert.

No Man's Sky NEXT

Ich sammel weiter alle Screenshots in meinem Flickr Album “No Man’s Sky”.

Selfmade phone wallpaper

A couple weeks ago I took some photos with my A7ii and one of them turned out good enough so it’s now my phone wallpaper:


You can also see it on Flickr.

Shooting timelapse on Sony Alpha

Yesterday I wanted to shoot a timelapse video with my Sony Alpha 7 Mark II. I was a bit surprised that there is no video mode for that. My small Canon G7X Mark II has a timelapse mode where you can also control how the exposure is set and it works just fine. A camera that cost almost 4x the money, I really expected to have a similar function.

But, you have to buy this seperately for 10US$ via the PlayMemories Apps. At least, that’s the solution Sony has for this. There is another solution: Using the Remote Control App (this might already be installed on your camera, as it was on mine) and the Android App Timelapse - Sony Camera.

To start a timelapse, open the PlayMemories Apps panel and then the Remote Control App on the camera. The Wifi connection of the camera should be turned on now and waiting for a connection. Now start the Timelapse app on your Android phone. The UI should show the connection progress and if everything works out, you can set up the timelapse interval timer and the number of pictures to take (or just check “unlimited”).

The timelapse pictures are stored as JPEGs, not RAW images. I wasn’t too unhappy about this, because I can import the images directly into Vegas Pro 15 as an image series and create a video. Pretty painless, and I guess every video editing application has a feature like this. Now I just have to get the timelapse intervals right for different topics…

New keycaps

Recently I ordered new keycaps for my WASD keyboard via massdrop (if you want to join, please use this link. I replaced some of the keys and I’m very happy with the result. I didn’t get the keycaps in ISO layout, so I can’t switch all the keys, but I like the touch of color. The end goal is still the Deep Field keycaps by primecap artisans though.

DSC_0313 First try Result

Using tt-rss FeedIron plugin to clean up posts

I read a lot of RSS feeds with tt-rss (after the death of Google Reader a couple years ago), but not all pages provide a RSS feed for their articles. And even if they do, the feed sometimes is a mess because the content is not really tailored to the feed. Luckily there is a plugin for tt-rss called “FeedIron” which takes care of this and allows heavy customization of the article, for example

  • clean up of HTML content (getting rid of unnecessary elements in the feed, like comments, social sharing button, extended author information)
  • replacing the article with original content from the page
  • modification of the content with regex

I do use this plugin to get full articles from arstechnica in my feed. Unfortunately, after replacing the original article in the feed with the multi-page content (get the configuration for that here) from the original page, the images are broken because ars uses javascript to put images into the article. To fix this, I modified the configuration for the page:

"": {
    "type": "xpath",
    "multipage": {
        "xpath": "span[@class='numbers']\/a",
        "append": true,
        "recursive": true
    "xpath": [
    "cleanup": [
    "modify": [{
        "type": "regex",
        "pattern": "(data-thumb=\"(.+?)\".*?data-src=\"(.+?)\".*?>)",
        "replace": "><a href=\"$2\"><img src=\"$1\" \/><\/a>"

The interesting part here is the modify section:

"modify": [{
    "type": "regex",
    "pattern": "(data-thumb=\"(.+?)\".*?data-src=\"(.+?)\".*?>)",
    "replace": "><a href=\"$2\"><img src=\"$1\" \/><\/a>"

The configuration has a regex pattern which matches on the images, grabs the URLs to the thumbnail and the original image and replaces the javascripty stuff with a regular HTML link and image. This way when I read the feed with TTRSS-Reader, my android client of choice for tt-rss I do see the images even without javascript.

Crossfit Regionals 2018

Am Wochenende war ich bei den Crossfit Regionals und habe mir die europäischen Sportler angesehen. Ausserdem war ich bei Crossfit Aorta und myLeo trainieren. Hier sind ein paar Bilder:

Crossfit Regionals 2018

(Album bei Flickr)

Ausserdem gab es ein Treffen mit Craig, Jas und Adam von Team Richey:


(Foto bei Flickr)

Ein paar Fotos mit der Sony A7II

Mittlerweile habe ich ein paar Fotos mit der Sony A7II gemacht:

Weekend walk Weekend walk Weekend walk Weekend walk Cuxhaven Berlin 2018 Berlin 2018 Berlin 2018 Vegetables Vegetables Vegetables

Die Fotos gibt es natürlich bei Flickr. Obwohl ich neulich kurz drüber nachgedacht habe, ob ich den Account zumachen und zu Google Fotos wechseln sollte. Ich könnte das ganze natürlich auch auf meiner eigenen Nextcloud Instanz hosten… naja, erstmal bleibe ich bei Flickr.