Qutebrowser userscript for TT-RSS

After the recent mishap of Firefox I switched to qutebrowser on Linux and Windows. As an i3wm user, I feel right at home - but I do miss the synchronisation between machines and my mobile. But I guess I have to live with that inconvenience for the moment.

One thing I can not live without is a quick bookmark to share articles via my ttrss installation. If you are interested, you can find my shared articles as a RSS feed here. I update the feed almost every day when I find something interesting.

Anyway, because qutebrowser does not have a quick bookmark toolbar, there is no way to quickly share an interesting URL. But fortunately, one can extend qutebrowser via userscripts - which are simple shell scripts receiving a couple variable like URL, title and selected text.


echo "open -t https://MYHOST/PATH/TO/TTRSS/public.php?op=sharepopup&content=${QUTE_SELECTED_TEXT}&title=${QUTE_TITLE}&url=${QUTE_URL}" >> "$QUTE_FIFO"

The userscript can be executed with the following command:

spawn --userscript ttrss

It will execute the shell script and open a new tab in qutebrowser showing the ttrss share page. To make it even more convenient, I decided to bind the userscript to the key combination tt with the following command:

bind tt spawn --userscript ttrss

Now I can simply press tt when I read a nice article and share it to my ttrss feed.

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